Grisly Meaning in Hindi

Grisly Meaning in Hindi

             Grisly Meaning in Hindi – भयानक

Let’s learn the new word Grisly Meaning in Hindi. The word grisly can be translated into Hindi as   भयानक  (bhayanak) or  मार्मिक  (maarmik). Both of these terms convey the sense of something horrifying, gruesome, or causing intense fear.


Grisly Hindi Meaning = भयानक

Grisly Meaning in English = Shocking


Grisly Meaning in English and Hindi

WORD Meaning in English Meaning in Hindi 
Grisly Shocking भयानक


Grisly Meaning in Hindi with Example

Sr. No. Grisly Meaning in English with Example  Grisly Meaning in Hindi with Example
1. The detective uncovered a grisly crime scene that sent shivers down everyone’s spine. जासूस ने एक भयंकर अपराध सीन खोजा जिसने सभी की हड्डीयाँ काँपने पर मजबूर कर दी।
2. The ancient tomb revealed a grisly history of human sacrifices. प्राचीन समाधि ने मानव बलिदान के एक भयंकर इतिहास को उजागर किया।
3. The horror movie depicted a grisly tale of a haunted mansion. हॉरर फिल्म ने एक भूतिया मैंशन की एक भयंकर कहानी को चित्रित किया।
4. Despite the warning signs, the hikers ventured into the forest and encountered a grisly scene. चेतावनी संकेतों के बावजूद, यात्री जंगल में शांति का सामना करने के लिए निकले और एक भयंकर दृश्य से मुलाकात की।
5. The newspaper reported on the grisly details of the crime, leaving readers horrified. अख़बार ने अपराध के भयंकर विवरणों पर रिपोर्ट की, जिससे पठक भयभीत हो गए।


English Word Grisly Nouns

  • Crime Scene
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Murder
  • Nightmare


Synonyms of Grisly English and Hindi

Sr. No.  Synonyms of Grisly in English  Synonyms of Grisly in Hindi 
1. Horrifying भयानक
2. Macabre भूतपूर्व
3. Gory रक्तपातपूर्ण
4. Chilling काँपने वाला
5. Frightening डरावना


Antonyms of Grisly In English and Hindi

Sr. No. Antonyms of Grisly in English  Antonyms of Grisly in Hindi
1. Pleasant सुखद
2. Gentle सौम्य
3. Cheerful आनन्दमय
4. Delightful प्रिय
5. Innocuous अहानिकरक


Grisly ka Matlab Kya hai  (Grisly ko Hindi mein kya kahate hain)

Grisly ek English shabd hai jiska arth hai bhayankar, bhayanak, ya daraavna. Yeh shabd kisi bhayankar ya bhayavah samasya, ghatna, ya vatavaran ko describe karne ke liye istemal hota hai. Grisly shabd aksar kisi khatarnak ya bhayanak sthiti ko ya kisi bhayankar roop ya tasveer ko batane ke liye istemal hota hai.


Grisly ka Hindi Meaning (Grisly मीनिंग इन हिंदी)

Grisly ka arth hota hai भयानक (bhayanak) ya  मार्मिक  (maarmik). Yeh shabd kisi bhayanak   ghatna ko, roop ko, ya vatavaran ko describe karne ke liye istemal hota hai. Iska istemal aksar kisi bhayavah ya khatarnak tathyon ko vyakt karne mein hota hai.


Concluding Grisly meaning in Hindi

The blog on the website EnglishToHindi concludes that the Hindi meaning of grisly is represented by the term भयानक or मार्मिक. It emphasizes how the word is used to depict horrifying events or situations, providing a succinct and informative explanation for readers seeking to understand its Hindi translation. The blog serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to bridge language gaps and enhance their comprehension of English terms in Hindi.

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