Anguish meaning in Hindi

Anguish meaning in Hindi

                        Anguish Meaning in Hindi- पीड़ा

In today’s post, we will be learning the new word, anguish. Anguish is an English-language word used to express the severe pain one is suffering from. To understand the word Anguish Meaning in Hindi, we will make use of simple English words. Let’s understand the Hindi Meaning of Anguish with the use of simple examples.

English Word Anguish Meaning in Hindi

Anguish = पीड़ा

 Anguish meaning in English = Pain, Suffering


Anguish Meaning in English and Hindi

       Word   Meaning in English       Meaning in Hindi
     Anguish     Pain, Suffering       पीड़ा


Example use of Anguish in Sentences

Sr. No. Example of Anguish in English Example of Anguish in Hindi
1 The news of the accident filled her with anguish. दुर्घटना की खबर ने उसके दिल में कष्ट भरा।
2 He could see the anguish in her eyes as she spoke about her loss. जब वह अपने हानि के बारे में बात कर रही थी, उसकी आंखों में कष्ट दिखाई देता था।
3 The sudden betrayal caused him immense anguish. अचानक का धोखा उसे बड़े कष्ट से गुजरना पड़ा।
4 She hid her anguish behind a brave smile. उसने अपने कष्ट को एक साहसिक हँसी के पीछे छुपा लिया।
5 The separation from his family brought him great anguish. अपने परिवार से दूर होने से उसे बड़ा कष्ट हुआ।


Anguish Nouns 

  • Suffering
  • Torment
  • Agony
  • Heartache
  • Despair


Synonyms of Anguish

Sr. No. Synonyms of Anguish In English Synonyms of Anguish In Hindi
1 Pain दर्द
2 Suffering कष्ट
3 Torment यातना
4 Agony विपत्ति
5 Distress चिंता


Antonyms of Anguish

Sr. No. Antonyms of Anguish in English Antonyms of Anguish In Hindi
1 Joy खुशी
2 Contentment संतोष
3 Comfort आराम
4 Peace शांति
5 Happiness खुशियाँ


Anguish ka matlab kya hai

“Anguish” ka arth hai intense physical or mental pain, suffering, or distress. Yeh shabd vyakti ke dil ya man mein hone wale gehre dukh, bhay, ya takleef ko vyakt karta hai. Isse aksar kisi badi hani, khota, ya bhari sankat ke baare mein baat karne ke liye istemal kiya jata hai. Anguish ek vyakti ke andar hone wale dukh ya kasht ko vyakt karta hai jo uske dil ya mann mein gherta hai.



Meaning of Anguish in Hindi

“Anguish” ka Hindi arth hai “कष्ट” या “दुःख”. Yeh shabd kisi vyakti ke andar hone wale gehre dukh, bhay, ya takleef ko vyakt karta hai. Anguish ka istemal kisi badi hani, khota, ya bhari sankat ke baare mein baat karne ke liye hota hai, jisme vyakti ka dil ya mann bhari hui chinta ya dukh se bhara hua hota hai.


Concluding Anguish Meaning in Hindi

In the blog post on EnglishToHindi’s website, the conclusion emphasizes that “Anguish” in Hindi translates to “कष्ट” or “दुःख.” The post underscores the significance of the term in expressing deep emotional or physical pain, portraying it as a poignant and integral part of human experience. Readers are encouraged to explore the nuanced meanings and cultural contexts in which “Anguish” finds resonance in the Hindi language. Hope you have enjoyed this post understanding Anguish Meaning in Hindi with all the examples in english and HIndi languages.

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