In a While Meaning in Hindi

In a While Meaning in Hindi

In a While Meaning in Hindi : थोड़ी देर में

In this article, you will get the English to Hindi meaning and translation of In a While Meaning in Hindi with sentence usage examples.

In a While is an English-language word, and we all should understand the Hindi meaning of In a While to enhance our English vocabulary so that we can use it in Hindi and English conversations in our daily lives. Knowing the Hindi translation of In a While English words will also improve our communication and speaking skills, which will ultimately help to grow our English knowledge and confidence level.

In a While Hindi Meaning = थोड़ी देर में

In a while meaning in English, is a short period of time or after some delay.


What is the meaning of in a while in English and Hindi?

WORD In a While Meaning in English  In a While का हिंदी में मतलब
In a While Just a minute; wait for a second थोड़ी देर में 


Learning In a While Meaning in Hindi with Example

Sr. No. In a While Meaning in English with Example In a While Meaning in Hindi with Example
1. I’ll call you back in a while. राजु, थोड़ी देर में वापस करूँगा।
2. Finish your homework in a while. अनीता, थोड़ी देर में कॉल करूँगा।
3. We’ll meet up in a while. सुरज, थोड़ी देर में मिलेंगे।
4. He’ll arrive in a while. रश्मि, वह थोड़ी देर में पहुंचेगा।
5. The cake will be ready in a while. कृष्णा, केक थोड़ी देर में तैयार होगा।



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In a While ka matlab Kya hai?

In a While का अर्थ है थोड़े समय के बाद। यह एक गैर-विशिष्ट समय-सीमा को संदर्भित करता है, जो दर्शाता है कि कुछ होगा या बदल जाएगा लेकिन विशिष्ट समय या अंतराल स्पष्ट रूप से परिभाषित नहीं है। कार्ड।


In a While का हिन्दी अर्थ

In a while का हिन्दी अर्थ होता है “थोड़ी देर में”। यह वाक्यिक रूप से किसी कार्रवाई, घटना, या होने वाले किसी कार्य को सूचित करने के लिए इस्तेमाल होता है, जिसमें एक अस्पष्ट समय की बताई जा रही होती है।


Final Notes on In a While in Hindi

The blog on EnglishToHindis aptly concludes that In a while translates to “थोड़ी देर में” in Hindi, emphasizing its use to signify a short period or delay in various contexts. The concise explanation aids readers in understanding the phrase’s nuanced meaning in Hindi.


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