Sarcasm Meaning in Hindi

Sarcasm Meaning in Hindi

                   Sarcasm Meaning in Hindi – ताना, कटाक्ष

Hi friends, if you want to learn or discover some new word like Sarcasm, come with us today. We will learn the new word sarcasm meaning in Hindi. English शब्द sarcasm का अर्थ है “ताना”। ताना एक व्यक्ति या वस्तु है जो विनम्र दिखता है लेकिन वास्तव में विरोधाभासी या व्यंग्यपूर्ण है। ताना उस समय सही है जब खुलकर स्वीकार करना मुश्किल होता है।


Sarcasm = ताना, कटाक्ष

Sarcasm Meaning in English: saying something but meaning the opposite


What does sarcasm mean in English and Hindi?

WORD Meaning in English Meaning in Hindi 
         Sarcasm saying something but meaning the opposite ताना, कटाक्ष


What is Sarcasm Meaning in Hindi with Example?

Sr. No. Sarcasm Meaning in English with Example Sarcasm Meaning in Hindi with Example
1. Even though he said he was the greatest chef in town, his charred supper was a masterful use of sarcasm. ताना मारकर वह अपने दोस्त को बताने लगा कि वह मेरी सहायता से बहुत खुश था।
2. It was obvious she was being sarcastic when she said, “Nice job!” with a smile after I spilled coffee over my work. मैंने सर्कास्म से कहा, “तुम्हारी विचारशीलता से ही दुनिया को सुधारने का नया तरीका आया है।”
3. Those who knew about his regular tardiness smiled knowingly at his sardonic remarks regarding the value of punctuality. “वाह, तुम तो सचमुच ही जीवन का सफलतम आत्मनिर्भर व्यक्ति बन गए हो!” मैंने उसके उत्साह को देखकर कहा।
4. “Oh, great,” she remarked in a sarcastic tone as she peered at the unexpected mound of dirty dishes. “ओह, किसी ने अब तक रंगों के मेल को खोज लिया है?” उसने मेरी कमीज का रंग देखकर पूछा।
5. The skeptical audience applauded the politician sarcastically when he promised to fix the economy in a day. तुम्हारे बिना यहाँ बहुत शोर हो रहा है, हम सब तुम्हें बहुत मिस कर रहे हैं!


English-word Sarcasm Nouns

  • Mockery
  • Ridicule
  • Satire
  • Irony
  • Derision

What are the synonyms of sarcasm in English and Hindi?

Sr. No.  Synonyms of Sarcasm in English  Synonyms of Sarcasm in Hindi 
1. Mockery उपहास
2. Ridicule हंसी-मजाक
3. Satire व्यंग्य
4. Irony विरोधाभास
5. Derision उपहास


What are the antonyms of sarcasm in English and Hindi?

Sr. No. Antonyms of Sarcasm in English  Antonyms of Sarcasm in Hindi
1. Sincerity ईमानदारी
2. Earnestness सतर्कता
3. Candor खुलापन
4. Seriousness गंभीरता
5. Honesty ईमानदारी


Sarcasm ka Matlab Kya hai

Sarcasm ka matlab hai “ताना” ya “व्यंग्य.” As much as we would like to think otherwise, we are bound by the fact that we are human. Sarcasm ka istemal aksar vyakti ki hansi, vyakhya, ya tuchchhata vyakt karne ke liye hota hai.


Meaning of Sarcasm in Hindi

English शब्द sarcasm का अर्थ है “ताना” या “व्यंग्य”। भाषा ऐसी है कि लोग कुछ कहते हैं, लेकिन उसका अर्थ उल्टा होता है, जिससे हास्य होता है और कभी-कभी तुच्छता या तीक्ष्णता की भावना भी होती है।


Final words on Sarcasm meaning in Hindi

The term “ताना” in Hindi is explained in detail in the blog post Sarcasm Meaning in Hindi on EnglishToHindis. It explores the subtleties of sarcasm in language, emphasizing how clever and frequently comical it can be. This intelligent blog improves readers’ language awareness, which facilitates more efficient conversation.

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